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The Unfolding

"There are better screening techniques now, so I think, in the not so distant future, there’ll be no more of us coming into the world at all, and no more institutions like this one."

The Pinch

"She was talking animatedly on her mobile phone outside of a deserted restaurant.  She wore a long black coat, and above its rounded collar slithered a red tattoo: its inky scales pulsed with the movement of her vocal cords as she chattered, a sinuous and intimate movement that troubled me."

After Pryanzi

"The wind rages outside, but we no longer hear it.  We stopped hearing it years ago, back when Pryanzi first fell, scattering debris and pock marked death across the plains and shallow oceans."


"They will peer, hard, into the darkness, and become very still.  We know that they both wish and fear that they will see something..."


The Lord of Other Things  [100 word challenge]

"The dragon was a problem, to be sure."

Glass Houses

"The city stretched from the shallows of the Night Desert in the east to the Bay of Burning Barrels to the south-west, and its insinuation north was only checked by the choke of mountains that all but sealed shut the peninsula."

White Christmas

"...our cottage, nestled deep in the encircling arms of the mountains, kept us dry through day after day of drizzle and, come evening, we lit the log fire and talked about our future as the shadows of the flames licked the stone walls around us."

Smoke Out

"It wasn’t the dragons that were the problem, it was the unicorns.  Sure enough, the dragons weren’t easy:  they leaked out hot streams of copper alloy piss as they undulated in the air above the town, which spattered down on the houses below to start the odd conflagration, to cause the odd scald..."

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